In the mirror universe, Juraav was an Orion trader of the mid-23rd century. He dealt in various commodities and materials.


In the mid-2260s (some time before stardate 1299.7), Juraav operated an Orion trading vessel that secretly took possession of the components of the Tantalus field device from the Buchanan, on behalf of Commander James Kirk of the Imperial Starfleet vessel ISS Enterprise. Juraav later rendezvoused with the Enterprise to trade contraband dilithium for Starfleet phaser rifles.

As part of a ruse to get the components get past ship's security, Juraav let himself get caught smuggling in illegal Bolian Brew as well. Letting Juraav go free, Kirk took possession of three Orion slave girls in exchange, including the smuggled components of the Tantalus field. However, Kirk had sabotaged one of the rifles to overload and destroy the Orion ship once the transaction was complete, killing Juraav and the rest. (IDW - Mirror Images comics: "Part 1", "Part 2")

It is unknown whether or not Juraav has a counterpart in the primary universe.
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