Bekk Jurva, daughter of Pit'ton was a Klingon warrior during the 2260s.

In 2269, Jurva was deployed to the dilithium mine at Beta Thoridar while she was serving aboard the IKS Voh'tahk. During her time aboard the facility she challenged a security officer, Targ, son of Targ because of his incompetence; Targ's superior, Sorkav, angrily called for her execution. However, Jurva's own superior - QaS DevwI' Morglar - vouched for her (since Jurva's challenge was carried out according to Klingon law and tradition), saving her life. Later, Jurva was assigned as the mine's temporary security chief after Kor killed Sorkav in battle. (ST - Seven Deadly Sins novella: The Unhappy Ones)

Despite being a QuchHa' Klingon, Jurva was greatly respected among her comrades; Morglar once described Jurva as "the most efficient and brutal warrior under [his] command." (TOS comic: "Blood Reign O'er Me")

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