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Spock is preparing to take the Enterprise on a cadet training cruise. Among the cadets is Saavik, who has informed Spock that she intends to train as a science officer rather than command, since she does not believe she can lead other species. Also aboard is Rrelthiz, a representative of the Carreon, who have only just made contact with the Federation.

During the voyage, several of the Human crewmembers fall ill and three die, including the chief medical officer. Saavik, appointed acting science officer, manages to organise the non-human cadets into assisting the medical personnel. She also determines all those stricken recently ate meat products from recently installed synthesisers.

However, when it is discovered the synthesisers have been introducing Carreon DNA into the food, it is discovered an accident Rrhelthiz had earlier, which caused blood from a cut on her hand to be absorbed by a synthesiser, is the cause of the infection. Saavik talks Rrhelthiz out of committing suicide out of dishonour and, together with Spock, they find a cure. Saavik decides to transfer to command.




Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Lancet


Referenced only

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technology[]

bloodDNAfood synthesizer

Ranks and titles[]

cadetcaptainchief medical officerscience officertechnician

Other references[]

chessfoodmeatobservation loungesuicide

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