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For the primary universe counterpart, see K'Ehleyr.

In the mirror universe, K'Ehleyr was a half-Klingon, half-Terran female who was a member of Memory Omega. She was a field operative who worked with Reginald Barclay to counter threats to Memory Omega's existence, such as Alynna Nechayev.

Her mother was a Terran Memory Omega operative who was captured by the Klingons while on a mission. While in captivity, she was raped repeatedly. She eventually escaped and made her way to Regula I, the headquarters of Memory Omega, where she gave birth to K'Ehleyr, the half-Klingon product of one of these rapes. (TNG - Mirror Universe short story: "For Want of a Nail")

K'Ehleyr worked with Barclay on a regular basis. It is suggested that Reg was attracted to her and that while K'Ehleyr valued him as a colleague and a friend, she did not return his feelings. It was K'Ehleyr who approached Jean-Luc Picard and offered him a position with Memory Omega. She also handled Picard's initial briefing regarding the organization. Additionally, she was part of the meeting between Picard, Saavik and others wherein Picard was offered command of the Enterprise, much to his surprise. Indeed, Picard expressed his doubts about the idea, saying he would, instead gladly join a crew with K'Ehleyr as commander. K'Ehleyr, while flattered at the compliment said that because she was half Klingon, she would never be accepted as a leader of the rebellion and as such served as Picard's first officer and a primary advisor on the Enterprise when Picard took command. She also counseled Picard on his change of environment as he was used to going where and when he wanted and found being restricted an officer's life difficult at first. She continued in this role after the war was over. (ST - Mirror Universe novel: Rise Like Lions)


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