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K'Linsann was the third planet in the Aalad star system located in The Triangle at the edge of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. It was the first established world in what would become the Imperial Klingon States.

Patterson's Place[]

The planet was formerly named Patterson's Place when in 2194 SFC (late 2240s or early 2250s, standard timeline) some 250 humans founded an independent colony on this world. The colony was set up as a commune by a fairly young group, ages ranged from late teens to early twenties, who sought total freedom from the restrictions they felt society tried to force upon them. In fact, to better assure their isolation, no one outside the colony group was told of their plans, and no interstellar communications equipment was brought.

The commune outfitted themselves well, and despite their rejection of restrictions imposed from the outside, for their mutual benefit they accepted the challenges, restrictions and hard work necessary to successfully start a new colony without outside support. Within three years of their landing, they had established an agricultural base and had started mining operations. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


It all came to an end in 2197 SFC (early 2250s), when Klingon Admiral Kamato's fugitive fleet arrived at the world. Outnumbering and by far outgunning the colonists, the Klingons simply took control. Kamato initially tried to use the colonists as slave labor, but, trapped in the very antithesis of the society they had hoped to produce, the colonists chose mass suicide to slavery.

Deprived of slave labor, Kamato detailed personnel from his ships to take over the basic tasks. Shortly thereafter, Kamato renamed the world "K'Linsann", or "Little Empire" in a dialect of the Klingon language. Free trade was allowed (but heavily restricted), causing prices to run high and making for a thriving black market. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)

The Triangle
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