K'Nera was a Klingon male of the 24th century. He was a member of the House of Kruge, and a descendant of Commander Kruge.


In 2364 K'Nera was a Captain in the Klingon Defense Force. In that year K'Nera was ordered to take his ship to search for the IKS T'Acog - which had been sent to search for three renegade Klingons. Arriving in the area where the T'Acog was destroyed, K'Nera found the USS Enterprise in the area with the renegades Korris and Konmel aboard. K'Nera informed Captain Jean-Luc Picard that their two Klingon guests were wanted criminals, and Picard took Korris and Konmel into custody until K'Nera's ship could come within transporter range.

K'Nera's ship soon came within transporter range. Upon learning that the Klingons wanted to take Korris and Konmel into custody, Worf pleaded the case of the two renegades - stating that while they had to be punished they should not be executed with dishonor. K'Nera informed Worf that he sympathized, but was under orders to retrieve the renegades and expected them to be transported aboard.

Before the renegades could be transferred to K'Nera's custody, the two men escaped. Konmel was killed outside the Enterprise brig, however Korris made his way to engineering. Worf attempted to talk Korris into surrendering, but was forced to shoot Korris when the latter turned his weapon on Worf.

After Captain Picard informed K'Nera that the renegades were dead, K'Nera asked to speak to Lieutenant Worf. Worf told K'Nera that the two men died well. K'Nera offered Worf a position on his ship when his current tour was over, however Worf politely declined. (TNG episode: "Heart of Glory")


K'Nera later sought to avenge his illustrious ancestor Kruge by claiming the same power that he did; namely the data on Project Genesis. At some point after 2373, he allied himself with a Maquis cell and helped raid a Starfleet facility where the information was supposedly declassified. After claiming it, K'Nera murdered the Maquis involved and attempted to use the power of Genesis to make his house dominant in the Klingon Empire. However, he was stopped and his vessel was destroyed by Maquis Ro Laren and Starfleet officer William T. Riker of the USS Enterprise. (TNG comic: "The Enemy of My Enemy")


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