K'ahlynn circa 2293

K'ahlynn was a female QuchHa' Klingon in the 23rd century, she was a member of the House of Kahnrah and the granddaughter of Kahnrah.

In 2293 the devastating explosion of the moon Praxis caused a split in the Klingon High Council, Chancellor Gorkon and his allies proposed approaching the Federation for aid while the other half of the council preferred to continue more typical Klingon practices and take whatever was necessary to recover in conflict. The vote balanced precariously on the vote of Kahnrah and so Gorkon's adversaries recruited to K'ahlynn to keep an eye on her grandfather and watch for his decision. (TOS comics: , "Against Their Nature", "Losses")

Kahnrah broods

K'ahlynn visits her grandfather as he contemplates his decision

K'ahlynn was confident Kahnrah would make what she considered the right decision and acted as a sounding board to his deliberation as he studies records of relations between the Empire and the Federation. After recounting the conflict at Organia and the attempted espionage to win control of Sherman's Planet Kahnrah took K'ahlynn to see his old friend Morglar, who was serving as overseer of the Museum of Military Triumph and Conquest. Morglar told them a tale not recorded in the Chronicles of War (and subsequently one that K'ahlynn was not familiar with) in which he and his fellow warriors fought a long hard battle against Humans, and then learned to work with them to defeat a common foe. (TOS comics: "Against Their Nature", "Beneath the Skin", "Blood Reign O'er Me")

The study of the history between the two powers convinced Kahnrah that Humans were not so different to Klingons and could be honorable warriors and allies; he would vote in favour of Gorkon's plan. K'ahlynn was not convinced though and contacted the opposing parties who sent a squad of assassins after Kahnrah. (TOS comics: , "Blood Reign O'er Me", "Losses")

Kahlynn dies

K'ahlynn dies in her grandfathers arms

Kahnrah was able to defeat the assassins, but K'ahlynn anticipated this and waited to block his route to the Great Hall. The two fought, but despite her youth she could not defeat her elder. She refused to yield and Kahnrah was forced to kill her. As she lay dying in her grandfather's arms she asked his forgiveness, and her granted it her, understanding she only did what she thought best for their people – He promised her he would see her again in Sto-Vo-Kor, sitting at the right hand of Kahless. (TOS comics: , "Losses")

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