K'chak'!'op (or simply "Chaka" to those who could not pronounce her name) was a Pak'shree female who served as an enlisted computer specialist on the USS Titan under Captain William T. Riker in 2379 and 2380.

Chaka was often reluctant to leave her quarters (which were specially designed for her and "furnished" with a silk-like excretion from her own body) on board Titan because her size and shape often made it difficult for her to comfortably move around in the humanoid designed starship. Chaka did participate on an away mission to the asteroidal Vanguard station in Neyel space when extensive work on the stations computer systems was required. (TTN novels: Taking Wing, The Red King)

Chaka was convinced to leave her quarters and socialize more with the crew by the S'ti'ach counselor Huilan Sen'kara, who convinced her that her difficulties were no less than that of others on board.

Chaka later convinced Lieutenant Melora Pazlar that she was also isolating herself needlessly after she was assaulted by a mind-controlled Commander Tuvok. (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds)

Special thanks to Orions Hounds author Christopher L. Bennett for permission to use his drawing of Chaka. His website has complete annotations for Orion's Hounds and other works.
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