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The D7A-class (known in Klingonaase as the K't'agga-class, literally translated, Painbringer-class) was one of the early series of D7-class Klingon class VIII cruiser starships in Imperial Defense Force service around the time of the 23rd century, becoming active on reference stardate 1/8611.

Technical specifications

The vessels crewed 352, with space to carry 220 troops for deployment. Additionally, the D7A could carry 6,000 metric tons of cargo, rated at 120 SCU (standard cargo units). Unloaded, the vessel weighed 100,300 metric tons, measured 216 meters in length, 152 meters in width and 55 meters in height.

The D7A's computer was of the ZD-5 type, and the vessel was loaded with 3 standard personnel transporters (6 person), 5 combat deployment transporters (22 person), 1 evacuation transporter (18 person) and 2 cargo transport stages. There were also 5 Klingon shuttlecraft standard to these vessels.

The D7A warp engines were KWD-1 type, rated to cruise at warp factor 6 and max out at warp factor 8. Impulse engines were of the KIC-2 type. The D7A had 4 KD-6 disruptor emitters, with arcs of fire to the fore as well as to port and starboard. The vessel had no launcher weapons but was defended by KSC model deflector shields. The tactical shortcomings of this model would be improved upon by later D7 designs that featured weapons that utilized the D7A's undefended rear firing arc, as well as the inclusion of launcher tubes.

By the end of the 23rd century, the D7A was no longer in production, with 1,671 vessels having been built. Over the years, 83 vessels were allocated to reserve fleets, 12 consigned to the Klingon Naval Academy as trainers, 891 destroyed, 26 scrapped and 20 sold to private interests. 10 vessels were captured by Starfleet and 13 by Romulan prize crews. An additional 170 became Stormbirds, traded to the Romulans as part of the Klingon-Romulan Alliance of the 2260s. The D7A were one of the only D7 series to see extensive action in the Four Years War, with over 400 vessels on the front lines of that conflict. (FASA RPG module: Klingon Ship Recognition Manual)

Service history

Circa 2270, a K't'agga-class cruiser equipped with a cloaking device was assigned to Kolar's Squadron and captured by Starfleet Task Force 41 during Border Incident #45612. (StarDrive Issue 1: "Tactics of the Imperial Klingon Navy")

Known vessels



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