K'teng was a male Klingon, a Klingon Empire warrior active in the 25th century. In the 2400s decade, K'teng held the rank of captain in the Klingon Defense Force. (STO - Vigilance mission: "Alpha")


In 2409, Captain K'teng commanded a B'rel-class bird of prey on an important mission for the KDF, carrying secret data, and R'jen, a Romulan Tal Shiar officer. His vessel crashed on Orith II, and most of his crew either died in the crash or was preyed upon by Hirogen Alpha Tarkan and his pack.

A KDF rescue party travelled to Orith II under orders of Chancellor J'mpok to recover K'teng's ship and the data. The rescue party beamed down to the jungle and fought the wildlife to get through to the wreckage. When Tarkan sent his initiates, K'teng bought time for his rescuers by detonating the wreckage. The KDF team recovered the remaining survivors, including R'jen, and retreated while under attack from Hirogen. K'teng led Alpha Tarkan to the site, where the KDF jointly defeated the Hirogen and killed Tarkan. (STO - Vigilance mission: "Alpha")

Later that year, K'teng commanded a new ship and asked an Allied ship to join him in attacking Voth force that had been separated from the main force in the Contested Zone of the Solanae Dyson Sphere. (STO - Season 8: The Sphere mission: "Targets of Opportunity")

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