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K.P. Ryan was a Earth Starfleet engineer (second class) in the 22nd century. who was serving aboard the Enterprise (NX-01) in the early 2150s.


In 2152, Ryan was a number of key engineers that Commander Charles Tucker III assigned to help him take apart a captured Suliban cell ship and help analyse its systems. After the team performed some black-box testing on the cell-ships propulsion module with little result, Ryan suggested alternating the charge of the particle stream which was fed into the module and the system seemed to work, suggesting that Suliban cell-ship's were powered by cascading ion drive.

After outlining his theory to Commander Tucker, Ryan was told to work full-time on following-up on his suspicions and was removed from the maintenance roster for a few days. After Tucker had discussed the discovery with Captain Jonathan Archer, Ryan was also given access to research on cascading ion drives as developed by Victor Brodesser and his research team involved with the ill fated Daedalus. (ENT novel: Daedalus)

After Enterprise crossed over to a parallel universe, it was captured by Denari forces, who kept a few crewmembers on board to help them run the ship. Ryan was one of them. (ENT novel: Daedalus's Children)



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