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The KIV Annorax (originally KIS Annorax) was a Krenim Imperium temporal weapon ship, a recreation of the original design created by Krenim temporal scientist Annorax. This ship was built and used by the combined forces of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance and the Krenim Imperium during the Iconian War in 2410. (STO episode: "The Iconian War")

Service historyEdit

After the Iconian Empire's return in the early 25th century, the Vaadwaur Supremacy, which were being controlled by the Iconians through the Bluegill, attacked and conquered the entire Krenim Imperium, except for a Krenim colony on Kyana Prime, which possessed Annorax's designs and used them to create technology that could put themselves out of the timestream, completely hiding them from the Iconians.

When the colony was discovered by an Alpha Quadrant Alliance team which was investigating why the Vaadwaur had eliminated the Krenim in 2410, they end up agreeing to unite their efforts to make Annorax's work real, thus getting a chance to defeat the Iconians. A research lab was built in the Kyana system, where the Alpha Quadrant Alliance and the Krenim Imperium joined forces to recreate the temporal weapon. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Time in a Bottle")

In order to eliminate the Iconian threat without too much alteration to the timeline, alliance scientists conducted several holographic simulations.

After the Annorax was built, the first target for a temporal incursion was chosen. The paradox was expected to prevent the USS Yamato from discovering Iconia, thus eliminating or at least delaying the Iconian threat and additionally undoing the destruction of Romulus. This temporal incursion ended up being a total failure, with the Romulan Republic never coming to exist and the Romulan Star Empire being almost completely assimilated by the Borg. The Annorax, however, which was under the command of Captain Nog, was able to conduct a second temporal incursion to correct as much as they could from the first one, but not without losing their temporal shielding, thus unprotected and forcing them to reshape to the current timeline. The timeline created by the second incursion was almost the same as it was before, but resulted in the Tuterians' complete disappearance. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Butterfly")

Realizing that erasing elements from the timestream was not their best option, the Iconian Resistance focused turned their efforts on reprogramming the Annorax to create a time portal. Their goal was to return to ancient Iconia and stop the Iconians from escaping their homeworld's destruction. The plan succeeded, though not exactly as originally planned. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Midnight")

When Noye, a Krenim who helped developed the Annorax, began going through the files inside the temporally-shielded computer, he learned of the Tuterians and his wife, Clauda. Mad with grief, he allied with the Sphere Builders with the plan to free them from their prison. To this end, he stole the Annorax and had it modified with Sphere Builder tech, making it a match for the USS Pastak in combat. (STO mission: "Time and Tide")


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