The KIS Brevmon was a Krenim Imperium starship, a warship in Krenim Defense Force service in the 2380s decade. The Brevmon's commanding officer was Commandant Irlin. (VOY novel: A Pocket Full of Lies)


In June 2382, the Federation starship USS Vesta was met by the KIS Brevmon when it violated the borders of the Krenim Imperium for the second time in the span of two weeks. Commandant Irlin conversed friendly with Captain Regina Farkas when he inquired about the incursion. When Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway identified herself, a protocol was triggered on the Brevmon. Irlin excused himself for being unable to escort Vesta to Krenna as requested by Farkas, and instead referred the Federation ship to the nearest representative of the Krenim Temporal Defense Agency, Agent Dayne of the KIS Truon. (VOY novel: A Pocket Full of Lies)

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