Spock plays Vulcan lute

Commander Spock plays a lute in 2266

A ka'athyra (also known as a Vulcan lute, Vulcan lyre, Vulcan lyrette, or lytherette) was a musical instrument originating from Vulcan.

A typical ka'athyra was made of bahun'ahb, sher skah and li'pon, with pins made of eridanite. (TOS reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Spock was an accomplished ka'athyra player. (TOS episode: "Charlie X", et al) He was given his instrument by his father, Sarek, and found transposing music from other worlds to be performed on the ka'athyra to be a compelling logical exercise. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Forge)

Vulcan lute was taught at the Tenaran Music Academy, and played by both Joran Dax and Temzia Nirenn. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor")

Dr. Jennifer Almieri was once given a ka'athyra as a gift. It is unclear whether she in fact played the instrument. (CoE eBook: Ghost)

A Vulcan harp was amongst the possessions of Doctor Solev liquidated by the FCA in Ferengi year 18217. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

The Vulcan language name for this instrument was first revealed in the novel Dwellers in the Crucible.

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