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Kaaj, son of Torg was a Klingon man who lived in the 23rd century.


Kaaj was born crippled, with a withered right arm, and as such was rejected as a warrior. Nevertheless, he was an intelligent man and, using his mind, rose through the ranks and gained command of his own ship, the battle cruiser IKS Varchas. (EV comics: "The Fires of Pharos", "Nemesis")

In the year 2254, Kaaj mustered rogue elements in the Marrat Nebula to attack Starfleet facilities, including Starbase 13, to put Starfleet and their scheme in the Nebula, Project Pharos, in bad light and in the process take the dilithium rich Pharos siteworld for the empire. After a powerful opening attack on the starship USS Enterprise Kaaj was thwarted by Captain Christopher Pike, who fired on the planet, igniting the dilithium reserves to prevent the situation escalating into war. Kaaj was forced to retreat as more Federation ships approached and swore a blood debt against Pike for his humiliation. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

Some time later Kaaj plotted the repayment of the blood debt. He sent out a fake message to Pike informing him his father was ill. Pike set out on a shuttlecraft for Earth and soon found himself under attack from the Klingons who planned to disable his engines and tractor him in for slow death. Unfortunately the Varchas misfired and Pike was able to evade them, crash-landing onto a nearby planet. After killing the crewman he felt responsible Kaaj had the Varchas pursue the shuttle, and sent assault squads to the planet to capture Pike. Kaaj's patient soon ran thin as Pike evaded his personal and he resorted to extremes, firing on the planet from the Varchas and killing many of his own personnel, but missing Pike. Before Kaaj could finish the job the Enterprise arrived and delivered heavy damage to the Varchas's shields and weapons, forcing him to retreat. (EV comic: "The Flat, Gold Forever")



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