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This character is a member of Worf's family.

Klingon Empire emblem insignia image.

Kaasin, daughter of Prella was a Klingon woman who lived in the 24th century.


By the 2340s decade, Kaasin was married to Mogh, son of Worf, and the mother of two sons, Worf and Kurn.

Kaasin and her family resided on Khitomer in the mid-2340s, where she trained as a mok'bara master and took pride in her ability to protect herself and her children. Unfortunately, both Kaasin and Mogh were killed by the Romulans in the Khitomer Massacre of the year 2346. (ST - The Lost Era novel: The Art of the Impossible)

Author Keith R.A. DeCandido named Kaasin for Elisa J. Kassin, a former editor at Pocket Books.


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