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Kabilan was a species, or creature, known to the Chodak and believed to be created by the Unity Device.

One Kabilan was found in a stasis chamber in the Unity Device, left as a judge to anyone who would try to reclaim it.

In 2370 Jean-Luc Picard representing the United Federation of Planets, Captain Pentara representing the Garidians and Admiral Brodnack representing the ancient Chodak Empire came contesting the device. Picard deactivated the stasis field releasing the judge, who interrogated their purpose of the device and exposed each one's fears and past.

He knew each one's name and mentioned the trouble in Picard's family, his failure while commanding the USS Stargazer, his intention to reveal secrets to Gul Madred, his role in mass murder while assimilated into Locutus; he also mentioned Pentara's willingness to obey her orders by killing her own son Avakar; and Brodnack's killing of any Chodak who failed the tests he administered.

Although not explained so, it is possible that the Kabilan(s) had telepathic abilities. It is possible that they were created for the single role to be objective and impartial administrators, and to perform psychological assessments to test subjects.

The judge finally told Pentara was the most honest and the only of the three who actually knew how she wished to use the Device: to make the Garidians a respected force and opened the door leading to the control tower. However, this was a trick and actually the Kabilan's role was to rule out the least worthy: Pentara while passing the door, took the place of the creature in the stasis chamber, and the creature disappeared in a laugh. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)