Kahlor, son of Kolox was a male QuchHa' Klingon in the 23rd century, a kinsman of the House of Kahnrah.


In 2267 Kahlor was serving in the Klingon Defense Force and was first officer to Kor, son of Rynar in the campaign led by Kor to prevent the Federation taking Organia. En route to Organia Kor sought Kahlor's counsel on the mission, which prompted Kahlor to voice his ponderance as to why the Federation would send just one starship to capture the planet. Kor put it down to Human overconfidence, and as the fleet approached Organia was not surprised, if disappointed, to see the Starfleet vessel flee. Kahlor suggested Earthers might return with reinforcements, to which Kor replied "One can only hope."

When they arrived at Organia the Klingons quickly imposed their rule, and Kor made a feisty local named Baroner his liaison to the Organian people. Kahlor was uncomfortable with this decision and voiced his concerns to Kor who reassured him, explaining the posting was a tactic to keep an eye on the only Organian they had encountered that showed any sign of resistance.

Baroner turned out to be Starfleet captain James T. Kirk undercover on the planet, and was captured by the Klingons after sabotaging their ammunition depot. However Kirk was able to escape shortly after and in response Kor order two-hundred Organians be rounded up and executed to encourage the populous to turn over Kirk to the Klingons. Kahlor was uncomfortable with slaughtering unarmed people, thinking it potentially dishonorable, but Kor reiterated the High Council's directive on terrorism and Kahlor reluctantly carried out the order.

A short while later the situation on Organia escalated as the Starfleet did indeed return in force, prompting the Organians to reveal their true nature - powerful non-corporeal lifeforms - and imposed a peace treaty on the two powers. Unable to fight, both sides withdrew from the conflict. (TOS episode: "Errand of Mercy")

In 2269, Kahlor served with Kor aboard the IKS Klothos. Klothos (along with IKS Voh'tahk and IKS Devisor) was deployed to the dilithium mine at Beta Thoridar to investigate reports of unrest by the QuchHa' mine workers. Kahlor was ordered to bring suspects to Kor for interrogation, an order which Kahlor carried out with great zeal. (ST novella: The Unhappy Ones)

In 2293 Kahnrah studied Kahlor's journal from the Organia mission while studying the history of Klingon-Federation relations to help inform his decision on whether or not to support Chancellor Gorkon's proposal to open peace talks with the Federation. (TOS - Klingons: Blood Will Tell comic: "Against Their Nature")


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