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In the Kelvin timeline, Kai was a 23rd century Orion man, a Starfleet lieutenant aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise. He was considered one of Enterprise's best fighters.


In the year 2248, Kai and his father Kazek rescued his sister Gaila from his mother Vila's deal with the Pacari. They then fled from Vondem, eventually settling on Earth an Nassau in the Bahamas. In 2256, Kai refused to attend Starfleet Academy if Gaila was not allowed to attend. (TOS - Reunion comic: "Part 1")

By 2259, Kai was assigned as a security officer aboard USS Enterprise. He flew a shuttle and accompanied Captain James T. Kirk and the landing party to New Vulcan to help Commander Spock with his pon farr condition. (TOS - After Darkness comics: "Part 1", "Part 2", "Part 3")

Five year mission Edit

Kai was part of the first landing party down to the jungle moon Parthenon 559 in 2260 and participated in the search and rescue operation of the mining personnel assigned there. (TOS comic: "IDW Star Trek, Issue 24")

In 2261, Kai accompanied Captain Kirk to investigate the massacre on the Klingon colony of Khitomer. He and the rest of the landing party were then captured by Commander Kor and taken to Qo'noS as prisoners. Kai and Zahra were then able to subdue their Klingon guards as the Romulans and Section 31 attacked. Kai and the landing party were saved from Commander Kor. They were then beamed aboard the warbird IRW Raptor One. There they met Commander L'Nar and the Section 31 agent in command. However, they were then beamed back on board Enterprise. Despite this , they went back down to the surface of Qo'noS to stop Section 31 from using the red matter on the Klingons. Kai and the rest of the party were then able to subdue the agents, until Lieutenant Yuki Sulu revealed herself to be Section 31 and held them at gunpoint. They were then taken prisoners again by the Romulans and then Section 31. Kai and the rest of the landing party were then returned to Enterprise following the self-destruction of the Romulan fleet. (TOS - The Khitomer Conflict comics: "Part 1", "Part 2", "Part 3", "Part 4")

In 2262, Kai accompanied Captain Kirk and Dr. Marcus as they explored Hinrichs V. However, he was knocked out cold by a creature. He was then saved by Lt. Sulu's landing party. He and the crew were then stranded in the Delta Quadrant. (TOS - Lost Apollo comics: "Part 1", "Part 2"; TOS - Eurydice comic: "Part 1")

During the Enterprise's five-year mission, Kai was then killed when the Klingons of the IKS Chonnaq boarded the Enterprise. (TOS - Manifest Destiny comics: "Issues 1", "2", "3", "4")

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Kai was a lieutenant in his early appearances, with the appropriate one-stripe uniform insignia. Later appearances have omitted his wear of a sleeve rank stripe. No associated demotion has been directly referenced.


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