Kajek was a male Nausicaan bounty hunter who lived in the late 23rd century. He is lean, wiry and fast. Kajek didn't mind zero gravity, but he didn't like the bitter cold. Clicking his outer fangs was a nervous habit. He channeled his obsessive-compulsive behavior into useful habits. This included an attention to detail and the ability to plan ahead. Kajek was always aware of his current equipment inventory and the status of his ship's fuel and provisions. He kept personal logs and files on bounty targets alphabetically organized that were meta-tagged and cross-referenced.

"I'm not crazy, just organized."

Kajek had an account with the Bank of Bolarus. While on hunts he carries a scope-enhanced plasma rifle in a sheath on his back, a disruptor pistol, two combat knives, a bandolier of miniature grenades and magnetic manacles . While on retainer for the Orion Merchant-Prince Ganz, Kajek stayed on the Omari-Ekon hanging around the dom-jot tables.

In February, 2268 Kajek had been hired by Ganz to track down his missing "business manager," the Nalori Zett Nilric. Kajek had tracked down Zett's ship on the planet of Zeta Aurigae IV. Ganz confirmed that the ship was Zett's, but now it was under control of Cervantes Quinn and Bridget McLellan. Wanting to avenge his right-hand man, Ganz hired Kajek to kill Quinn but not McLellan.

Kajek hid his unnamed Andorian outrider in the magnetic disturbance above the southern pole of Zeta Aurigae III in order to observe the launch of the Dulcinea. From the trajectory he was able to estimate that the Humans were traveling to Seudath. There Kajek ambushed Quinn in the city of Tzoryp and gave chase. Quinn was able to subdue Kajek on a building rooftop. Instead of killing Kajek, Quinn told the bounty hunter that he had killed Zett when the Nalori had attacked him on Golmira in a personal vendetta. Quinn kept Kajek alive in order to tell his boss, Ganz, that it wasn't personal. Ganz believed the message and instructed Kajek to return to the Omari-Ekon. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

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