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Kakan ni Shinkou (果敢に進行) is the second anthology of Star Trek: The Original Series manga published by TokyoPop.


Manga-style art and Star Trek tales collide again in this next volume of TOKYOPOP's voyages of the USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. Once again ten artists and writers from across the artistic spectrum deliver up brand new tales of universal betterment featuring the classic Star Trek line up. In Kakan ni Shinkou, Kirk is put on trial for crimes he has yet to discover... Uhura demonstrates the true power of communication... Bones gets to the core of Vulcan emotionScotty has to extract dilithium crystals from a mine in the middle of a war zone... and an alien delegation uses the Enterprise as a vessel of deception!


Writer: Wil Wheaton
Artist: E.J. Su
Writer: Mike Wellman
Artist: Nam Kim
Writer: Christine Boylan
Artist: Bettina Kurkoski
Writer: Diane Duane
Artist: Don Hudson
Writer: Paul Benjamin
Artist: Steven Cummings
Writer: Geoff Trowbridge
Prose short story from The Sky's the Limit.





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Publication history

October 2007
"Forging Alliances" excerpted in TNG anthology The Sky's the Limit. (Pocket Books)
5 December 2019
Reprinted in Graphic Novel Collection #89. (Eaglemoss Collections)
October 2009
Spanish: by Edge Entertainment. (ISBN 978-8496802285)
Russian: As Твердый шаг (Firm Step), by Rosman-Press. (ISBN 978-5-353-05409-2)

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