Kal Dano's time pod discovered by the Enterprise in 2152.

Kal Dano's timeship was a time travel pod from the 31st century under the command of Kal Dano.

History Edit

Kal Dano's timeship was an alias to the time travel pod used by Kal Dano during his quest to hide the Tox Uthat from danger.


Dano's timeship while in 2410.

At first Dano took his time pod back into the year 2410 where he planned to hide the device. However, the Tholians somehow knew the ship would be there and used a trilithium device to destabilize the Lukari sun. After using the Uthat to restore the star, Dano's timeship was boarded by Tholians, who were able to steal the Uthat. (STO mission: "Sunrise")

His search for the Uthat led him to the Na'kuhl system, wehre the Tholians used the device to destabilize the Na'kuhl star. After retrieving the Uthat, Dano immediately traveled with his time travel pod back to the 22nd century Risa, where he left the device. After returning to 2410, Dano was again engaging Tholians, but that time the time pod was severely damaged and a malfunction on the ship's temporal displacement drive caused it to send the ship through a time portal. (STO mission: "Stormbound")


Archer and T'Pol looking for information about the time travel pod in Daniels' database.

Kal Dano had ended up centuries into the past, where he remained to die onboard his time pod. The ship was later discovered by the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise in 2152, which struggle to defend the timeship from the Suliban and the Tholians, who were trying to steal the time travel pod. Ultimately, the Enterprise was able to send the time pod back to its last known location, thus preventing it from being taken by the other two factions. ([[ENT (episode)|]] episode:; STO mission: "Stormbound")

Specifications Edit

Kal Dano's timeship was a shuttlecraft-sized time travel pod, which was capable of creating a temporal singularity to a particular point in spacetime thanks to its temporal displacement drive. The ship was also equipped with subspace manifolds, which allowed the vessel to be larger on the inside than on the outside. These devices also allow the vessel to sustain the firepower of a 25th century battleship because of its compact size. (STO mission: "Sunrise"; ENT episode: "Future Tense")

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