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Kal Dano was a man of mixed ancestry, including human, Vulcan, and Lukari, who lived in the 31st century. (STO episode: "A New Dawn")

Background Edit

Dano owned a timeship which he used to travel back to the year 2410 to prevent a change to the timeline, the destruction of the Lukari sun by a trilithium torpedo which would have caused the extinction of the Lukari species. With the assistance of a starship CO from the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, Dano was able to restart the sun using the Tox Uthat. However the ships were attacked by Tholian warships, which stole the Tox Uthat and escaped. (STO - New Dawn mission: "Sunrise")



Dano's voice actor is uncredited.

Dano may have been intended to be the same person as the Kal Dano from DTI novel: Watching the Clock, but if so, he is a different species and from the wrong century.

Dano's appearance features a number of references to the TV series Doctor Who: his timeship is a small vessel that is much larger on the inside, and the main room is circular and centered on a glowing pedestal-like object. In addition, he appears to help solve a time travel-related problem using technobabble, a summary applicable to most episodes of Doctor Who.

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