Star map showing Kalandra's location (upper right).

Kalandra Minor was a Class M planet in the Alpha Quadrant. It was first claimed by the Federation in late 22nd century, and was the site of Outpost T-22, intended as a jumping-off point for colonization efforts. However, most of the planets beyond it proved unsuitable for colonization, and Kalandra Minor and T-22 were abandoned in the 2260s.

The world then became a base of operations for a team of Romulan smugglers, believing that the Federation's disinterest in the planet would allow them to conduct their business without bother.

This proved true until 2362 when, with the continuing encroachment of the Cardassian Union, Starfleet decided to make T-22 an active base again. An away team from the USS Aldrin to Kalandra Minor was attacked by the smugglers, who were eventually captured or killed. (NF short story: "Revelations")

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