This character is a member of the Ghemor family.
For the mirror universe counterpart, see Kaleen Ghemor (mirror).
For other uses, see Ghemor.

Kaleen Ghemor (née Dakal) was a female Cardassian who lived in the 24th century. She was the wife of Tekeny Ghemor and the mother of Iliana Ghemor. In the 2350s and 2360s decades, Ghemor was a First Tier Inquisitor at Cardassia's Central University.

In 2357, Ghemor accompanied her husband and daughter to a reception at the State Museum of Natural History. After Iliana joined the Obsidian Order following Ataan Rhukal's death, Kaleen was devastated. In 2361, Kaleen learned that Iliana was to go on a long-term assignment and attempted to pursuade her to withdraw from it. She also told her daughter that Tekeny could use his contacts to get her pulled from the assignment, although Iliana was determined to go on the mission. (DS9 novel: Fearful Symmetry)

In 2362, Kaleen fell into a deep depression. She resigned from the judiciary and became ill from her depression. Ghemor died in 2368. (DS9 novel: The Soul Key)

In 2371, Tekeny gave one of Kaleen's bracelets to Kira Nerys. Kira was still in possession of the bracelet in 2377. (DS9 episode: "Second Skin"; DS9 novel: Fearful Symmetry)

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