Kalibiss was a planetoid in the Norvel system which, as of the mid 2370s, was owned by entrepreneur Rod Portlyn, and the site of his warp engine manufacturing facilities. In 2376, Kalibiss was one of several bombing targets of the group Taru Bolivar. The bomb, however, was discovered well before detonation, and the crew of the USS da Vinci was able to disarm it.

Later, a Phantas 61 official (and Taru Bolivar member) named Ramark pretended to discover new information on Kalibiss, in order to gain the confidence of da Vinci chief of security Lieutenant Commander Domenica Corsi, and subsequently capture her and her away team.

Shortly thereafter, ownership of the planet was seized from Portlyn by a business rival, Patrice Bennett. (SCE eBook: The Art of the Deal)

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