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Kalil el-Rashad was a Human male serving in United Earth's Starfleet in the mid 22nd century.


By 2155, el-Rashad had attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was serving as chief science officer and second officer aboard the Columbia (NX-02).

After the Columbia was disabled by a Romulan attack and traveled at high impulse to a M class planet (Erigol), el-Rashad was responsible for running preliminary sensor scans, detecting no lifesigns but a number of cities beneath scattering fields. Captain Erika Hernandez and first officer Veronica Fletcher led an away team to the planet, leaving Kalil in command. It was during this short period of command that el-Rashad took MACO officers Stephen Foyle and Vincenzo Yacavino into custody and took the Columbia into the subspace tunnel which ended up killing the entire crew when Erigol exploded. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)



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