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Commander Kalor was a Klingon officer serving in the Imperial Klingon Defense Force in the 23rd century. By the 2260s, Kalor had risen to the rank of commander.


Kalor was descended from Klingons who were afflicted with the Qu'Vat virus, resulting in his lacking the species' characteristic forehead ridges. (ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence")

Prior to 2264, Kalor and Spock met.

Later in the 2260s, Kalor was in command of an invasion force which occupied the palace on Vega III and imprisoned Queen Vanadala as a hostage to keep the populace from retaliating. He then directed his troops to steal the Vegans' valuable metal korium and load it into their starship. Shortly afterward, the USS Enterprise approached Vega III, as they had been invited to sign a mining treaty for the korium. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy sneaked into the occupied palace but Kalor recognized Spock and captured them. Just as they were about to die in front of a firing squad, Montgomery Scott beamed up Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Vanadala and Kalor. Kalor was placed in the brig and handed over to authorities at Starbase 2. (TOS novella: The Prisoner of Vega)


Commander Kalor had the same name and rank as Kalor from TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible, which was published eight years later. They appeared to be different people, however, because the other Kalor notably wore high collars that concealed scars on his neck that he'd gotten in his youth. As they shared the same name, it was possible that they were from the same House.



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