Doctor Kalwany

Doctor Kalwany was the sole survivor of a population whose homeworld, located on the edge of the Delta Quadrant, was attacked by a lone Borg scout vessel, which subsequently destroyed the planet with a weapon that could cause a forced core implosion.

A number of survivors amongst which Kalwany was a part of managed to preserve a segment of the surface of the planet and maintain life supporting conditions for a limited time in the hope a rescue vessel would come. Unfortunate by the time the Enterprise had arrived conditions on the remnant of the planet had deteriorated to the point that it could only be sustained for less than an hour. The injuries of the survivors were also so severe that eight of the dozens that were still alive when the USS Enterprise arrived had perished when a landing party consisting of Captain James T. Kirk, Ensign Pavel Chekov, and Doctor Leonard McCoy beamed down.

Doctor Kalwany was the only survivor found amongst the ruins of the sole remaining city and could barely provide captain Kirk with information due to the conditions he was in. After beamed onto the Enterprise Doctor McCoy was forced to put him in a medical induced coma to stabilize him as Kalwany was in a critical state.

Needing more information on the unknown attacker Kirk ordered Doctor McCoy to bring Kalwany back to consciousness again so that Kirk could question him. Kalwany could provide little information on the unknown aliens other than confirming that they came from the Delta Quadrant and that at the time of their arrival they seemed to have difficulty with flying their vessel. Like with the population on Outpost Omega-70 he was one of the few beings who had seen the attackers in person, describing them a neither human nor machine but an amalgamation of both that attacked everyone for no apparent reason, suggesting that they were insane.

Kalwany could provide more information on the means of how the attacker had destroyed his homeworld and other worlds that had been attacked, revealing that the attackers had stolen a mining device from his people and turned it into a planet destroying weapon.

It is unclear what happened to Kalwany after Kirk was able to question him. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Resistance")

Neither Doctor Kalwany's species or name of his homeworld are mentioned. Kalwany himself was familiar with Starfleet though it is not indicated that there was prior contact between his people and the Federation.

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