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The Kam'Jahtae were an insectoid race that lived in the galaxy.


In appearance, the Kam'Jahtae were a insectoid species with distinctive features. (ST video game: Invasion)


Kam'Jahtae believed themselves to be the firstborn of the universe and the rightful rulers of known space. During their encounter with other races, they referred to such contact as being repulsive. (ST video game: Invasion)


This hostile species were actually the progenitors of the Hur'q, and were bent on conquering all other forms of life. (ST video game: Invasion)

The Kam'Jahtae remained cryogenically frozen at the Vanguard Complex until they were accidentally awakened by the USS Sentinel. This chain of events led to the Titan System Incident and eventual confrontation with Starfleet forces. (ST video game: Invasion)


Kam'Jahtae fighter

They often made use of image field technology as a means of communicating with others. Their equipment made use of organic technology with their vessels making use of 80% biological material. (ST video game: Invasion)

They heavily used one-man fighters and light cruisers as the mainstay of their military forces. It was a massive fighter swarm that overwhelmed the defenses of the USS Sentinel and her crew, Another favored tactic is to use Marshal-class light cruisers with their reactors on overload, sending them on kamikaze runs against other vessels. (ST video game: Invasion)

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