Kandok was an arrogant 23rd century Thaxian man.


In the 2260s, Kandok and five other rebels were arrested by Thaxian authorities and exiled to the junkyard planet. His return would not be allowed at any cost.

Six months later, in 2265, Kandok was discovered on the planet by James T. Kirk, Spock, and Hikaru Sulu. He explained that his people were marooned after their ship crashed. In friendship, Kirk offered to take them back to Thax, provided them quarters and even gave them a tour of the USS Enterprise. On the bridge, however, Kandok grabbed Kirk's phaser — Kirk started a fight, but two men knocked the wind out of him. Rather than stunning Spock, Kandok subdued him with a strong chop of his left hand. Kandok kept Nyota Uhura as a hostage and locked up the rest of the bridge crew.

Kirk and Spock quickly escaped. They released anesthesia gas into the bridge's ventilation system, only to find Uhura unconscious and the Thaxians immune. A firefight ensued, and Kirk's greater familiarity with phasers gave him the upper hand. Kandok soon backed his men into a turbolift and fled the Enterprise in a shuttlecraft. Kandok was killed when a Thaxian nuclear missile blew up the shuttle. (TOS comic: "Planet of Rejects")



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