Kanff was a 23rd century Klingon, a member of the Klingon Defense Force who served as an engineer aboard the IKS Klothos under Commander Kor, son of Rynar.

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In 2269, the Klothos and the USS Enterprise traveled through the Delta Triangle and became trapped in the realm of Elysia. After Kor agreed to work together with Captain James T. Kirk to effect a joint escape, First Officer Kaz ordered Kanff to develop a small bomb which could be used to sabotage the Federation starship. Within a day, Kanff and the engineering staff built a tiny capsule-sized device with a crystal sensor that would shatter when the Enterprise reached warp eight, triggering a three-minute timer. Kanff also calculated how close to engineering the device would have to be placed in order for a cascading reaction to reach the dilithium crystals and blow up the ship. Kor admired the handiwork, saying openly that Kanff and the team deserved a commendation. (TAS - Log Four novelization: The Time Trap)

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