The Kang class disruptor battery is a large piece of artillery fielded by Klingon ground forces.

These weapon batteries were a true expression of Klingon beliefs that an enemy position can be compromised through the use of the biggest 'gun' available. This is expressed in the introduction of a starship grade weapon system employed within Klingon Empire battalions. The sheer size of the weapon requires a large Dilithium generator as well as an equally large anti-gravity system to provide movement to this weapon battery. The generator possesses the necessary powering requirements for the main disruptor weapon which is capable of bringing down the defenses of enemy structures after just a few strikes.

This does not come without a price, however, as this long range artillery suffers from poor movement capabilities which practically crawls across the battlefield. Luckily, Klingon tactical doctrine requires these beasts to be present behind battle lines where it uses its powerful disruptor cannon to bring down the defenses while other tanks ravage enemy colonial positions. (TOS game: New Worlds)

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