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Kang was born on Earth during the 30th century of a parallel reality. He wished to become the "Master of Time," and many times faced a team from his reality known as The Avengers. His nickname was The Conqueror. (TNG comic: "Second Contact")


In the 1990s of the X-Men's reality, Kang attempted to use the X-Men and the crew of the USS Enterprise-E to help in his plan to become master of time. Kang was able to convince them that the Enterprise-E's arrival had ruptured a trans dimensional barrier and that they must seal two anomalies to restore the continuum. However his plan failed when Wesley Crusher and The Traveler revealed his deception about the anomalies. Kang was confronted by the Enterprise-E. However he was sure that his ships defense systems hold up against them. Unfortunately, Kang and his ship were destroyed when Captain Picard fired Quantum torpedoes and damaged his temporal resonator. (TNG comic: "Second Contact")

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