Kara McClay was a female Human born on planet Bringloid V in the late 2350s. She was among the Bringloidi evacuated from that planet in 2365 by the USS Enterprise-D, and relocated to Mariposa. During her time aboard the Enterprise, she developed an admiration for then-chief medical officer Doctor Katherine Pulaski and an interest in medicine. On Mariposa, she educated herself via the Federation infonet, and became an assistant to Doctor Sandra Vallis.

McClay was one of few people aware of Vallis' efforts to repair the Mariposan people's infertility problems, and was entrusted with copies of Vallis' research data. Believing that this would harm the status of Bringloidi women within the newly formed United Ficus Colony, McClay attempted to sabotage Vallis' work, which inadvertently resulted in the creation and release of a highly dangerous pathogen, which led to the death of Sandra Vallis and hundreds of other Mariposans. When Doctor Elizabeth Lense arrived on Mariposa in the wake of this accident, McClay ingratiated herself, and eventually offered Vallis' data in exchange for passage off Mariposa. When her role in the accident was uncovered, Prime Ministers Wilson Granger and Brenna Odell decided to have her exiled from Mariposa for a minimum of twenty years. She was then transported by the USS da Vinci to Starbase 73. (SCE eBook: Out of the Cocoon)

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