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Karatek was a male Reman who reached the rank of Commander by the year 2409 and commanded the starship IRW Sithesh. At that time, he stationed his vessel in the Hobus Sector where he and likeminded Remans established a secret mining outpost on Hobus I.

He eventually encountered a Starfleet vessel that was investigating the Hobus star system in order to determine reports that the devastating effects of the star was not a natural phenomena but a deliberate act of genocide against the Romulans. Upon meeting the vessel, Karatek reluctantly allowed the Federation officer to conduct their scans of the system though he expressed his dislike of Starfleet's habit of treating the galaxy as their personal play thing. In addition, he warned the officer not to approach the supernova remnant and not to orbit any of the other worlds in the system beyond Hobus III. He urged the Starfleet officer to simply conduct their scans quickly and depart.

Following that exchange, Karatek ordered his ship to cloak but secretly shadowed the Starfleet vessel and even later conducted numerous attacks against it when it began to probe deeper into the system. When the crew of the Federation ship beamed onboard Hobus I's surface, Karatek led his own crew to the surface in order to stop the Starfleet personnel from reporting their findings back to the Starfleet. This later culminated in a final battle between the Starfleet ship and IRW Sithesh which saw Karatek perish when his vessel was destroyed.

Presumably, he is named after the Vulcan Karatek who was exiled to the planet Remus by the Technocrats when they discovered Romulus.


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