Karen Blaylock was a Human female serving in Starfleet as an officer in the 24th century.


By 2372, she was the commanding officer of the USS Slayton as it was ordered to Chiaros IV for a diplomatic meeting. She was extrealy unhappy with the assignment, and was more interested in the investigation of an unknown anomaily that was recorded in the area a few weaks earlier by the Argus Array.

Upon arriving at Chiaros IV, she sent an away team lead by her first officer, Commander Ernst Roget, to handle the preliminary diplomatic formalities while she remained onboard the Slayton to try and localize the anomaily. Not long after the shuttlecraft Archimedes left the ship, a powerful shockwave shook the Slayton. They managed to pinpoint its origin so Blaylock decided to investigate. When they approached the source, the Slayton crossed into a massive cloaking field and was heavily damaged and soon after it was destroyed by a Romulan warbird. Blaylock perised with the rest of her crew. (TNG - Section 31 novel: Rogue)



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