Karen Tracy was a 23rd century Human woman. She served in Starfleet in the sciences division aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk in the 2260s.


Tracy was trained in the use of a psychotricorder to perform psychiatric examinations.

In 2266, Tracy filled in for Spock on the bridge while Nyota Uhura was in command during a confrontation with a Shechenag ship. Tracy maintained a long-range sensor fix on Tlaoli IV's Janus Gate, routing sensor data to the engineering and helm stations so that Uhura could enact a rescue plan for Kirk and Spock. (TOS - The Janus Gate novel: Past Prologue)

In 2267, Tracy beamed down to the home of Prefect Jaris on Argelius II. Kirk asked her to conduct a recursive memory scan of Montgomery Scott with her psychotricorder. While she was analyzing Scott, she was murdered by Redjac. (TOS episode & Star Trek 8 novelization: Wolf in the Fold)




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