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Karl Tomlinson was an alias of the Klingon spy Kerzuk. Kerzuk, under the guise of the Human flag officer Tomlinson, infiltrated the Federation Starfleet in the 23rd century.

History[edit | edit source]

In the 2280s, Tomlinson was assigned as Starfleet's liaison to the Federation Council with the rank of vice admiral. During this assignment and after a later assignment to the position of full admiral, one of Tomlinson's main objectives was to cause trouble for Captain James T. Kirk.

Tomlinson first involved himself in Kirk's situation following Klingon Ambassador Kamarag's pronouncement to the Federation Council that there would be "no peace while Kirk lived". When the Klingon government followed Kamarag's statement with a price on Kirk's head, as well as a similar proposal from the Nasgul's leader, the Salla, Tomlinson confronted President Roth with concerns over Kirk's ability to remain in service with foreign governments singling him out for capture. Tomlinson proposed making Kirk accessible to those governments to answer the charges at hand. (TOS comics: "Fast Friends", "Cure All")

Tomlinson's contact was the Klingon ambassador who he passed information to and conspired once with the Salla to kill Kirk and embarrass the Federation by having him stand trial for constant violation of the Prime Directive. They decided near the end of the trial to kill Kirk and quite possibly the Salla whom they were working with by planting a bomb on the Klingon Emperor; however, the explosive failed when Kirk discovered the bomb and saved the council. For his actions, all charges were dropped. (TOS comics: "Not... Sweeney!", "Going, Going...", "... Gone!", "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!", "Trial and Error!")

Tomlinson then contacted the USS Exeter II's captain Lawrence Styles to go to the planet Karimea, take the Lamver unit from the USS Enterprise-A and test the device. (TOS comics: "Great Expectations!", "Tomorrow Never Knows!")

Starfleet service record[edit | edit source]

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Starfleet Command Starfleet liaison to the Federation Council until 2287 vice admiral Assignment patch. Shoulder strap rank.
Chief of Special Operations circa 2287 admiral Shoulder strap rank.
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