The Karuuki is one of the Royal Circles in the Tarn Empire.

The Karuuki is the current First Circle in 2367. The Kala circle is the reactionary circle to the Karuuki circle. The Karuuki circle was expecting a full conflict to erupt from the Torgu-Va issue and was prepared to send a full flotilla of Tarn Imperial Fleet vessels in response. They thought a war was one way for their circle to stay in power of the Tarn Empire. However since the original orders to see a cease fire come to fruition, they forgave Admiral Garu Jord for providing weapons to the Humans. The circle was also pleased that Jord was able to get Harna Karish to stay on Torgu-Va where he wouldn't cause any trouble for the ruling circle. Garu Jord is a member of the Karuuki circle. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)

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