The Kassus family were one of the few aristocratic families that existed within Romulan society.

The ancestors of this family line fought many glorious battles in the name of the Praetor and were responsible for bringing Devorren and Pallor into the Romulan Star Empire. Whilst they held a seat on the Imperial Romulan Senate, Kassus members often were more concentrated on military service. As such, children received early training in warbird command and were usually at the elbow of an experienced aunt or uncle. This history meant that the family often counted numerous admirals and centurions amongst its ranks.

Senator Morror Kassus was the head of the Kassus family for a time and propelled himself to a Senate seat after a long as well as illustrious career. Some in the Senate worry over Kassus's ambitions which included Senator Tomek. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

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