Dr. Katalya Tremain was a Human female and a Commander in Starfleet in the 23rd century.

History Edit

She was third generation Starfleet, her parents being Science officer Carlyle and Chief medical officer Alice Carlyle of the USS Calypso. She had a normal childhood, growing up as an only child in a close-knit family and respected her parents. She attended Starfleet Academy, where she undertook months of survival training, becoming a proficient climber and outdoor survivalist. She had a fondness for the artists Barr and Austin and played guitar.

She was married to Jeremy Tremain until his unfortunate demise on board the USS Calypso in the 2260s. Her parents were also killed on that ship. She then became a raving anti-Vulcan racist.

On a lighter note, she was considered to be an expert on exobiology by the time she was thirty-five, having written a book on the Diplopoda of Marius IV. She also wrote several other exobiology texts and had earned numerous science awards.

By 2269, her significant other was Commodore David Stone. They grew close after she was assigned to Starbase 11, but she didn’t want children and wouldn’t consider a longer arrangement than a single term marriage.

In 2269, Commodore Stone ordered her to assist the USS Enterprise on a mission to Arachnae despite her Vulcan bigotry. It was a week’s travel to the planet from the Starbase. She submitted to routine physical exam and the psychoscan Sigmund program but they did not reveal the core of her neurosis, which was exposed only after a mind meld. (TOS novel: Vulcan!)

Background Edit

  • Her hair was described as copper-colored in the text, but painted black on the book covers.



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