Katerina Borovsky was a Human female Earth Starfleet officer in the mid-22nd century. She was of Russian ancestry.

History[edit | edit source]

She was a helm officer on the Enterprise on her first deep space assignment.

In 2152, she was on duty on the night-shift with Ensign Ahmed al Saed when Wanderer, a sentient electromagenetic lifeform, started to harass the crew of the Enterprise. After their shift commander, Lieutenant Meir failed to report to duty, Borovsky and al Saed unsuccessfully tried to contact Captain Archer, then the comm system went out and the two were cut of from the rest of the ship.

Later Ensign Travis Mayweather arrived to the bridge and tried ordering them to leave the bridge, but they refused out of restlessness. Nevertheless, ultimately they had to leave after Captain Archer ordered every personnel to engineering, to protect them from Wanderer. (ENT novel: Surak's Soul)

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