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This page details Kathryn Janeway in the primary universe; for the Kathryn Janeway in the mirror universe see Kathryn Janeway (mirror); for the Kathryn Janeway in the First Splinter timeline ended by the Devidian temporal apocalypse, see Kathryn Janeway (1ST); for the Kathryn Janeway in all other alternate universes see Kathryn Janeway (alternates).

Kathryn Margaret Janeway was a Human woman in Starfleet during the 24th century. In 2371, she assumed command of the Federation starship USS Voyager, which was shortly thereafter pulled into the Delta Quadrant. She managed to bring the ship and crew back to the Alpha Quadrant by December 2377, and was thereafter promoted from captain to admiral.

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Early life[]

Kathryn Janeway, daughter of Edward and Gretchen Janeway, was born on May 20, 2336 in Bloomington, Indiana. Kathryn's younger sister, Phoebe Janeway, was born four years later.

As a young child, she was given the nickname "Goldenbird" by her parents. Kathryn was also particularly close to her father. He got his daughter interested in mathematics and science. She still found time for fun as a child and often enjoyed the Trevis and Flotter holodeck programs, including one time when she flooded an entire holodeck.

At the age of 9, Kathryn was treated to her first trip off Earth to the Mars Colonies. Her father took her from San Francisco via shuttlecraft to Utopia Planitia where they toured the colonies with Cadet Data. This was the first of many adventures that Kathryn took with her father. She also hiked the Grand Canyon's North rim with her father as a child.

Kathryn later began attending The Meadows, and soon became the tennis captain of her team at the school. Despite being a tennis pro, Kathryn also enjoyed swimming. While swimming on Mars under Olympus Mons, she saved the life of Mark Hobbes Johnson after he became trapped in an undercurrent. Despite her brave actions, she was grounded by her father.

While a senior at the Academy Institute, Janeway was dating Cheb Parker. One night, the pair snuck into Magruder Mansion in Ohio, and discovered a deranged old woman living in the mansion. On their return to the Institute, they were severely reprimanded for the incident. (VOY novel: Mosaic; VOY episodes: "Coda", "Year of Hell, Part II", "Once Upon a Time", "Imperfection")

Starfleet Academy[]

Janeway was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2353 at the age of 18. While at the Academy, her roommate was Lettie Garrett. She also roomed with Thrum and Pol for a time, who were collectively known as Thrum'Pol. While her time at the Academy was mainly a happy one, Janeway was often bullied by Wendy Kerrigan, a professor at the Academy. She was also a star student of Admiral Hendricks. (VOY novel: Lifeline; VOY episode: "Friendship One")

Upon entering her third year at the Academy, Cadet Janeway was interviewed by Admiral Owen Paris, in regards to being her adviser in the writing of her junior honor thesis. Paris initially tried to turn her down since he, as a rule, normally only worked with seniors but Janeway persisted. Eventually Paris agreed, but warned her that he was a tough taskmaster and he expected only the best, something Janeway consistently provided. With his assistance, she wrote a brilliant thesis but had to turn down a date with Cadet William T. Riker in the process. The following year, Janeway completed her doctoral degree in quantum cosmology.

While at the Academy, Janeway began a relationship with Lieutenant Justin Tighe, and the two were soon engaged to be married. (VOY novel: Mosaic; VOY short story: "In the Queue"; VOY novel: Lifeline)

Early career[]

Cadet Janeway

Cadet Janeway

Ensign Janeway graduated from the Academy and was assigned to Admiral Paris' staff in San Francisco in 2357. At Paris' request, Janeway assisted civilian adviser Kyle Riker uncover the involvement of Vice-Admiral Horace Bonner in the Tholian attack on Starbase 311 in 2353, as well as several attempts on Riker's life.

Tired of sitting behind a desk, Admiral Paris made the decision to get back into the game and arranged to be in command of the USS Al-Batani for the year-long Arias expedition. Admiral Paris asked Janeway to join his crew as junior science officer. (TLE novel: Deny Thy Father; VOY novel: Mosaic)

The novel Mosaic states that Janeway's first posting was aboard the USS Icarus, however, all canon sources stated that her first posting (and the ship she served under Admiral Paris on) was the Al-Batani.

Cadet Janeway.

Six months into the Arias Expedition, Admiral Paris and Janeway were in a shuttlecraft orbiting Utrea II, when they were captured and tortured by the Cardassian, Gul Camet. The two officers were rescued by Lt. Tighe, whose life was in turn saved by Janeway. As a result, Paris recommended that Janeway switch from science division to command division.

In 2358, Janeway lost both her fiancé and father while they were testing the prototype ship Terra Nova on Tau Ceti Prime. While making a final approach for landing, the ship crash landed on Tau Ceti into a polar icecap. While Kathryn survived the crash, the others were frozen to death. She was rescued and took a leave of absence to deal with her deep depression.

In 2359, Janeway returned to active duty and announced her intention to switch to the command division at Starfleet Headquarters. At the arrangement of Admiral Paris, Janeway spent six months on an Earth-bound assignment before being assigned a deep-space mission. While on Earth, she started to become closer to Mark Johnson.

By late 2359, Janeway was second officer aboard the USS Mary Kingsley, under the command of Captain Onna Karapleedeez. During their mission surveying the Scorpius Reach in Beta Quadrant, they assisted a civilian research vessel, the Cleopatra's Needle. One of the researchers Janeway worked with was Jean-Luc Picard, who had taken a leave of absence following his loss of the USS Stargazer. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)

In 2363, Captain Janeway assumed command of the USS Billings. The Billings was her first proper command, and she often felt deeply responsible for her actions and the effects on her crew. Following one away team mission, she felt deeply responsible for the loss of Ensign Yvonne Harper's legs, unborn child, and sanity. (VOY episodes: "Revulsion", "Night"; VOY novels: Pathways, Cloak and Dagger)

While choosing key personnel to serve under him on the USS Enterprise-D, Captain Jean-Luc Picard was disappointed that Janeway was no longer available as a candidate for first officer. (TLE novel: The Buried Age)

In 2365, the now Captain Janeway was in command of the USS Bonestell on a six-month exploratory mission of the Beta Quadrant. Following the mission, Janeway went before a review board consisting of Admiral Paris, Admiral McGeorge Finnegan, and Admiral Alynna Nechayev. Ensign Tuvokwas assigned to review Janeway's performance and he was extremely critical of her reluctance to follow tactical regulations on the mission. Janeway defended herself against the Vulcan's criticism and it was recommended by Admiral Finnegan that Tuvok serve under Janeway on her next deep-space mission. Despite her initial weariness of him, Janeway grew to rely on Tuvok and the two became friends. When Janeway was offered the command of Voyager, she asked Tuvok to transfer with her. (VOY novels: Mosaic, Pathways)

Note: The third admiral on the review board is clearly intended to be Alynna Nechayev, though her name is spelled "Necheyev" in Mosaic. The spelling is corrected in Pathways.

Captain of the USS Voyager[]


In late 2370, Captain Janeway was offered the position of commanding officer of the USS Voyager still under construction at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. As a result she buried herself in all the technical manuals concerning Voyager, and by the time she was given a guided tour by Admiral Theoderich Patterson in early 2371, she was proficient at every inch of the starship. (VOY episode: "Relativity")

Janeway officially assumed command of Voyager on stardate 48038.5, and took the starship out on its shakedown cruises. The cruise was to proceed to the border of the Demilitarized Zone near the Badlands to test out Voyager's bio-neural circuitry. On the first test of the systems, the gel packs malfunctioned and Voyager was left drifting in space. Thankfully, the USS Hood, under Captain Robert DeSoto, came to Voyager's aid.

After repairs were completed, both starships were alerted to the detection of one of the Malkus Artifacts under General Order 16, and discovered that it was found by the Maquis. Janeway sent her tactical officer, Lieutenant Tuvok, undercover to obtain the artifact from the Maquis. Tuvok's mission was successful and the artifact was rescued by the Hood. It was also decided that Tuvok would remain undercover with the Maquis. (VOY - The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novella: The Third Artifact)

In the Delta Quadrant[]


Captain Kathryn Janeway in 2371.

When Tuvok failed to report in, Janeway decided to go after him. Janeway went to the New Zealand Penal Settlement to recruit a cashiered Starfleet officer, Tom Paris - a former Maquis member - to help find the Maquis ship and her chief of security in exchange for her help at Paris' next review.

Janeway then rendezvoused with Voyager at Deep Space 9 and then went into the Badlands. As Janeway and the Voyager crew searched the Badlands, they were then engulfed by a displacement wave that took them seventy thousand light-years into the farthest corner of the galaxy, the Delta Quadrant. There, Janeway discovered that a entity called the Caretaker had brought both Voyager and the Maquis ship Val Jean to help him search for a suitable mate in which to procreate offspring to take his place as caretaker of a species called the Ocampa. Following the rescue of Kim and Torres, Janeway was forced to destroy the Caretaker's array to protect the Ocampa from the Kazon. She then invited the Maquis to join her crew, installing Chakotay as her First officer. She also accepted trader Neelix and his companion Kes. (VOY episode & novelization: Caretaker)


Janeway then responded to a distress signal from Talaxian Captain Acrux's ship stuck in a ion storm. She was then able to use the transporters to beam Acrux' crew aboard, but they were pulled into a quantum fissure's dimensional plane. Janeway then gave Chakotay and Neelix bands that to help them return. However, Janeway became duplicitous when she thought about how the Talaxians got themselves into the situation. She and Tuvok then found out that they were Trabe agents trying to steal their technology. She then investigated energy spikes that took The Doctor and merged her holo-novel and the Beowulf holo-novel. Following that incident Janeway was then taken hostage by Acrux and his mercenaries as Trabe Captain Nagrom's ship attacked. However she was able to subdue them and fight off the Trabe ship. (VOY comics: "The Storm", "Under Ion Skies", "Repercussions")

Following that incident, Janeway was forced to look for duranium when Voyager was running low on supplies. Janeway was forced to set the phasers to 1/100 power to disable a Kazon raider. Janeway then asked Neelix where the nearest supply of duranium, which was Praja. However, Janeway was told by the Doctor that a botanical plague had devastated. Despite that, she allowed Neelix and an away team to investigate the planet. She continued to hail the planet without little success. She the Doctor, Kim and Kes then examined the virus that poisoned the planet and found that it was not native to Praja. Janeway refused to mine the Duranium with the colonists consent despite Torres' objections. However, Janeway was able to come an arrangement with the Cambrog survivors to mine Duranium in exchange for emergency rations, supplies and to help eliminate the plague. Janeway and Voyager then came under attack by Kazon-Oglamar mining ships. Janeway then used Lt. Paris' idea to trick the Kazon into believing that they were crashing. Janeway was able to get the duranium for the phasers and force the Kazon to withdraw. Afterwards, Janeway had the planet sprayed with healthy bacteria that would heal the planet. (VOY comics: "Homeostasis, Part One", "The Conclusion")


Janeway then had Paris and Kim taken to the brig when they started a brawl in the mess hall. Janeway then led an away team to Denar. There she and the away team were attacked by a creature. Following that encounter, Janeway then met Bonai, who sent sent Tuvok and the rest of the away team back to Voyager. Janeway was then forced to help him to prevent the Vidiians, Kazon and Trabe from getting a powerful artifact. She was forced to work with the 3 representatives of each species to find the artifact. She helped the Vidiian Dr. Teraz and saved Kul'Lar from a ape-like creature. Janeway and Teraz were then able to defeat with a scalding weapon. Janeway and the three others then found the artifact. After Kul'Lar and Durin wer destroyed by the artifact, Janeway and Teraz found the artifact. However, she refused to accept Bonai's gift to take Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant. (VOY comics: "Relicquest, Part One", "Part Two", "Conclusion")

A month later, Janeway responded to a distress signal from a Zerajhan professor K'Them K'Tra who was stuck in a Dead Zone. However, Janeway and Voyager then came under attack by Overseer Reega Mohl's Raft Cabal when she refused to join him. Janeway and her crew then fought against the Cabal's boarders. Luckily, Janeway was to use Tuvok's plan to use a torpedo to free themselves from the Deadzone. She then took professor K'Tra and Mohl's renegades to Zerajh to stand trial. (VOY comic: "Dead Zone")

Janeway then encountered a chroniton wave that took Voyager to the Battle of Wolf 359 six years earlier. As they made they way back through anomaly, they beamed several escape pod survivors onboard. Unfortunately, she was forced to send them back into the anomaly. (VOY comic: "Ghosts")

Following Janeway's brief alliance with the Borg, she took on Seven of Nine as part of her crew. Janeway and Voyager then came under attack by a alien known as the Prospector and his drones from an ocean-wide planet. (VOY episodes: "Scorpion, Part I", "Part II", "The Gift"; VOY comic: "Splashdown")


In 2375, Voyager discovered another Federation ship lost in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Equinox, captained by Rudolph Ransom. The away team to the Equinox was led by Captain Janeway. Ransom explained that his ship was attacked by creatures that killed much of his crew. The crew was beamed to Voyager for medical attention and the Voyager crew attempted to repair the Equinox. Janeway discovered that the reason the creatures were attacking the Equinox was that Ransom had been capturing them and using them for fuel for the ship. Janeway confronted Ransom and arrested him and his crew. The EMH for the Equinox, which was beamed aboard Voyager helped the crew escape back to the Equinox. They disabled Voyager, kidnapped Seven and sped away. In the meantime, the creatures attacked Voyager. (VOY episode & novelization: Equinox)


When Voyager found the Equinox, a battle ensued. When the Equinox was damaged by Voyager and attacked by the creatures, Ransom had a change of heart, dropped his shields and surrendered Seven in exchange for his crew beaming aboard Voyager.

Ransom himself stayed with his ship as it exploded. Janeway's final words to Ransom was her promise to get his crew home. Satisfied with the Equinox' destruction, the aliens ceased their attacks on Voyager. The five surviving Equinox crew members, Marla Gilmore, Noah Lessing, James Morrow, Angelo Tassoni, and Brian Sofin, were stripped of rank and ordered to serve as crewmen on Voyager, with extensive supervision and limited privileges. (VOY episode & novelization: Equinox)

Janeway then entrusted Seven of Nine with finding out if the attackers in a debris field were Borg or not. Janeway then assisted Hazard team in defeating the Tarlus and the Vohrsoth. She then promoted Alexander Munro to Lieutenant. (VOY comic: "False Colors"; VOY comic & video game: Elite Force)


After seven years in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway was able to get Voyager and its crew home thanks to help from her future counterpart, Admiral Janeway. (VOY episode & novelization: Endgame)

Admiral Janeway[]

Admiral Janeway 2381

Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway in 2381.

Janeway was promoted shortly after her return to Earth in 2378. In 2379, she sent Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise-E to Romulus at the request of newly installed Praetor Shinzon of Remus. She later attended the christening of the USS Protostar with her former First officer, Captain Chakotay. Unwilling to return to the Delta Quadrant for further exploration, Janeway allowed herself to be used as the basis for the Protostar's holographic training advisor, Hologram Janeway. (TNG movie & novelization: Nemesis; PRD episode: "Asylum")

Search for the Protostar[]

Janeway was then given command of the USS Dauntless and returned the edge of the Delta Quadrant. She and the Dauntless' crew searched for the Protostar, it's crew and Captain Chakotay. (PRD episode: "A Moral Star") This search led to Janeway rescuing the Diviner from Tars Lamora (PRD episode: "Asylum") before realizing that Chakotay was no longer in control of the ship after discovering a destroyed Starfleet relay station. (PRD episode: "Let Sleeping Borg Lie")

While picking up a survivor of the station's destruction, Janeway had a brief encounter with Dal R'El who recognized the admiral from her holographic duplicate. However, before Dal could consider enlisting Janeway's help, Barniss Frex revealed Dal and his crew's role in the destruction of the station. Janeway pursued the Protostar to the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, but was prevented from going any further. Ultimately, the Protostar managed to evade Janeway who learned of the crew's histories from the Diviner's bounty on them. As a result, Janeway realized that she was dealing with kids who were in way over their heads rather than a group of criminals. (PRD episodes: "Crossroads", "Masquerade", "Preludes")

Stopping the Vau N'Akat plot[]

After discovering the Vindicator, Janeway was knocked unconscious and locked in a closet at the same time as the Dauntless engaged the Protostar again. In an effort to warn Starfleet of the living construct, Dal attempted to telepathically contact Janeway, only to accidentally switch bodies with her instead. The Protostar crew revealed the truth to a sympathetic Janeway who agreed to help them. Although unable to disable the living construct, Janeway was able to use her command codes to restore Hologram Janeway's original programming, freeing her of the Vau N'Akat's corruption. Hologram Janeway revealed to her counterpart that Chakotay and the original Protostar crew had become stranded in the future and showed Janeway the distress call that the crew had found. Before departing, Janeway promised to help the young crew get into Starfleet once they finally reached Earth, but sadly revealed that she could do nothing for Dal due to him being an illegal human Augment. In a daring mid-warp spacewalk, Janway and Dal managed to switch back into their own bodies, but Dal's strange behavior while in Janeway's body made her crew suspicious of her. (PRD episode: "Mindwalk")

Shortly thereafter, the Vau N'Akat plot to destroy Starfleet unfolded with the living construct turning a Starfleet armada commanded by Janeway against each other. With no other choice, the Protostar crew chose to abandon ship and destroy their home and the living construct in order to save Starfleet. Hologram Janeway sacrificed herself to detonate the proto-core while at proto-warp, destroying the Protostar while causing minimal damage to the surrounding space. Janeway ordered her crew to begin search and rescue for the young Protostar crew, unwilling to give up on them after their heroic sacrifice. (PRD episode: "Supernova")

Search for Chakotay[]

A month later, Janeway was informed that her holographic duplicate had used the destruction of the Protostar to open a wormhole to the future through which Starfleet received a second distress call from Chakotay, revealing that he and half of his crew were still alive. Janeway expressed an intention to find and rescue her old friend before the Protostar crew finally arrived on Earth, having made their own way there. Although the kids were put on trial for their crimes, Janeway spoke passionately in their defense, Dal in particular who was looked down upon for being an Augment. As a result, the tribunal dropped all charges and, although they refused to fast-track the kids into Starfleet Academy, agreed to assign all but Gwyn - who intended to return to her home planet - as warrant officers in training under Janeway's personal command. Watching a new Protostar-class ship being rolled out, Janeway revealed that she had a different ship and something much bigger in mind for them. (PRD episode: "Supernova")

Later career[]

Following the attack on Mars, Raffaela Musiker stalked now-Admiral Janeway seeking support for her conviction that a conspiracy was behind the attack. (PIC episode: "The Next Generation")

In 2401, Commander Ro Laren revealed to Jean-Luc Picard that she had tried to approach Admiral Janeway with her evidence of a widespread Changeling infiltration of Starfleet, but Laren was stymied at every turn. (PIC episode: "Imposters")

Later that year, the Borg Queen revealed to Jean-Luc Picard that the future Janeway's neurolytic pathogen had brought the Borg to the very edge of extinction, allowing the USS Enterprise-D to finally destroy them. (PIC episode: "The Last Generation")

The Needs of the Many[]

By the year 2409, Janeway's death was not remembered as part of Jake Sisko's study of history, as was noted in an interview with DTI agents Marion Dulmur and Gariff Lucsly. In the course of the discussion, the agents' concerns over the integrity of the timeline was brought about in discussions of the fact that they remembered a different version of history.

Admiral Janeway was remembered by Jake and others as surviving the Long War-era into the 25th century. Previously, she had been the commanding officer of Starfleet's response to the Hobus supernova in 2387. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many)

Alternate timelines[]

According to Q, following her return to the Alpha Quadrant, it has become a fixed point in time for all versions of Kathryn Janeway to die on stardate 57445, with Janeway being shown brief 'flashes' of her other selves to reinforce this revelation; the only two Janeways to live past this date did so only with the aid of the Q. (VOY novels: The Eternal Tide, A Pocket Full of Lies)

In the alternate timeline created by the red wormhole and the War of the Prophets, Admiral Kathryn Janeway created Operation Guardian in 2400 in order to combat the threat of the Bajoran Ascendancy. Her plan resulted in Starfleet and Borg forces joining together to assault Gateway in order to use the Guardian of Forever to destroy the red wormhole before it united with the Bajoran wormhole. She landed her forces while combating the Grigari and was in sight of the Guardian when the Grigari activated a Singularity bomb which killed Janeway and everyone on and around the planet. (DS9 - Millennium novel: The War of the Prophets)

Alternate Kathryn Janeway

Kathryn Janeway in an alternate timeline

In another alternate timeline in which the Cardassian Union did not withdraw from Bajor in 2369, Captain Kathryn Janeway was in command of a version of Voyager which was not stranded in the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker in 2371. Her senior staff included first officer Lt. Commander Aaron Cavit, tactical officer and security chief Lieutenant Tuvok, conn officer Lieutenant Veronica Stadi, chief medical officer Dr. Fitzgerald, chief engineer Lieutenant Joseph Carey and operations officer Ensign Harry Kim. By 2373, she was married to Mark Johnson, who cared for her dog Molly.

The ship was part of a taskforce consisting of nine ships - which also included the USS Bellerophon and the USS Intrepid - sent to Dorvan V in 2373 order to investigate recent suspicious activities being carried out by the Cardassians on the Federation border. The ships were soon fired upon by a fleet of Galor-class warships armed with phased polaron beam weapons. Unbeknownst to the Federation at this time, these weapons had been provided by the Cardassians' newfound Gamma Quadrant allies, the Dominion. The Cardassians had made contact with the Dominion several years earlier via the wormhole which they discovered in the Bajoran sector, the existence of which they kept secret from the other major Alpha Quadrant powers.

In the midst of the battle, Voyager was able to gather detailed sensor readings. Moments before the ship was destroyed with all hands, Tuvok transmitted these sensor readings to Starfleet Command, enabling the Federation to develop countermeasures against the phased polaron beam weapons. The Intrepid was destroyed along with Voyager whereas the Bellerophon barely escaped intact. Of the six other vessels in the taskforce, only one survived. (TNG - Myriad Universes novel: A Gutted World)

In an alternate timeline in which the USS Voyager was forced to turn back from its journey home to Earth, Kathryn and Chakotay became lovers and would eventually have a child, Shannon Sekaya Janeway. (VOY - Myriad Universes - Infinity's Prism novella: Places of Exile)

In another alternate timeline, Janeway and B'Elanna Torres were both killed during a Krenim attack on Voyager in 2373. Chakotay succeeded her as captain and was still in command of Voyager in 2379. (VOY episode: "Before and After")

When the Krenim attempted to destroy Voyager with a chroniton torpedo, Chakotay of 2377 was forced to work with the Kathryn Janeway of 2370, revealing various key details about the ship's future to her as they sought to resolve the crisis. Once he was able to prevent the events that led to Voyager being fractured across time, Chakotay presumed that this Janeway had been 'erased' as she lost all memory of the events, but it was later revealed that she had been abducted from the ship by the Krenim as part of a plan to prevent her potentially interfering with the standing of the Krenim Imperium. She was manipulated into acting as denzit or military commander for the Rilnar during a protracted conflict with the Zahl on the planet Sormana. A Krenim agent named Dayne was surgically altered to look like a Rilnar and was assigned to oversee Kathryn's integration into Rilnar society. He maneuvered her into the position of denzit. This version of Kathryn was forced to send a message to Starfleet informing them of her resignation.

Dayne and Kathryn became lovers. Subsequently, Kathryn gave birth to her and Dayne's daughter named Mollah. After nearly dying during childbirth, she recovered and returned to her position. Kathryn assumed that Dayne and their daughter had been captured by enemy forces. This, in turn, was Kathryn's motivation to win the war. When the Full Circle Fleet was alerted to the existence of this alternate version of Kathryn Janeway, Voyager was assigned to investigate. Tuvok was temporarily assigned to Voyager to work with the Voyager crew in order to appeal to the denzit to stop the conflict and gather intelligence. Tuvok, for his part, was still grieving for his son who had died during the Borg crisis. Finding sympathy with the denzit's situation, Tuvok easily renewed a friendship with this version of Kathryn Janeway. Subsequent events saw Tuvok save the denzit's life during a military operation and being seriously injured as a result. Tuvok was treated by the denzit's personal physician. The denzit would meet Admiral Janeway in person.

Dayne was found to be alive as well. The truth of Dayne's true identity and the Krenim's manipulations were exposed. After Tuvok brutally beat him, Dayne admitted that his and Kathryn's daughter was alive. Dayne had spirited their daughter away safety into the past. He accomplished this using naturally occurring time portals. He placed his daughter in the care of guardians. These guardians were, in actuality, Q and his wife in disguise. Later, Kathryn testified at an inquiry about these events. Subsequently, she resigned her position as denzit. After this, the crew of Voyager took in this version of Kathryn Janeway with the intent of helping her recover from these events. Dayne, though, covertly infiltrated the Full Circle fleet. He then tried to kidnap Kathryn so she could be reunited with their daughter. He was stopped and then an away team was assembled to escort the former denzit and Dayne. She was taken into the past by Dayne with the Starfleet team providing protection. After this, Dayne was tortured by the Krenim for information about Kathryn's location. He refused to cooperate and was killed. Q ensured that this timeline would be 'cut off' from the rest of the multiverse for the duration of this Janeway's life so that she could live in peace. (VOY novel: A Pocket Full of Lies)

Starfleet service record[]

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Starfleet Academy student officer 2353-2357 cadet Starfleet 2360s insignia

Uniform collar.

USS Al-Batani junior science officer 2357-2358 ensign Uniform collar.
Earth-bound assignment unknown 2358-2359 lieutenant junior grade Uniform collar.
lieutenant Uniform collar.
USS Mary Kingsley second officer 2359-2361
USS Billings first officer 2363-2365 commander Uniform collar.
USS Bonestell commanding officer 2365-2366 captain Uniform collar.
USS Voyager 2371-2377 Starfleet 2370s insignia Red Capt 2371
Starfleet Command admiralty 2377-2380 vice admiral Uniform collar.
USS Dauntless Commanding officer 2384
USS Voyager-A


"There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew."
Kathryn Janeway to Naomi Wildman[src]
"The stars are full of life and civilizations. Many of those lives look a lot like us. Others are so foreign that it's almost impossible to understand them, Yet we try."
Kathryn Janeway[src]



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