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Kathy Li was a female human Starfleet officer who served in the late 23rd century. In 2287, she was assigned to the newly repaired USS Enterprise-A as a relief navigator and helmsman. She and Commander Hikaru Sulu were immediately attracted to each other, which led to animosity between Li and another new officer aboard the ship, Lieutenant M'yra. (TOS comics: "The Sentence", "Repercussions", "Fast Friends", "Cure All")

Sulu noticed the hostility between the two women, and following a tense situation in the turbolift, ordered the two women to settle their differences or they would be transferred off the ship. (TOS comics: "The First Thing We Do...", "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!")

The situation was resolved when M'yra transferred to the science vessel USS Einstein and Li, who missed living on Earth, took a post at Starfleet Command, both to make way for the other to begin a relationship with Sulu. (TOS comic: "Trial and Error!")

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