Kaz was a 23rd century QuchHa' Klingon man. He served in the Klingon Defense Force aboard the IKS Klothos under Commander Kor as first officer and science officer.


Kaz was descended from Klingons who were afflicted with the Qu'Vat virus, resulting in his lacking the species' characteristic forehead ridges. (ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence")

In 2269, the Klothos and the USS Enterprise became trapped in the Delta Triangle, passing into the realm of Elysia. Kaz was first to notice that their ship's weaponry was frozen, but unable to come up with escape computations that satisfied his commander. After Kor and Kaz agreed to a strategy for mutual escape with James T. Kirk and Spock, Kor ordered Kaz to sabotage the Federation starship. Kaz assigned engineer Kanff and his team to design a small bomb. During a party aboard the Enterprise, when Doctor Leonard McCoy invited Kali to dance with him, Kaz started a fight with McCoy to divert everyone's attention. Kali slipped away and hid the device in the computer room. However, psionic Elysian councillor Magen sensed the bomb, and it was ejected before it went off. (TAS episode & Log Four novelization: The Time Trap)

Kaz started the fight in the novelization, which spelled his name Kaas. In the aired episode, a different Klingon created the distraction.

In 2270, during an encounter with Decepticons on Cygnus VII, Kaz, Kali and Commander Kuri allied with Megatron. (TAS - Star Trek vs. Transformers comic: "Prime's Directive, Part One")



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