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Kazar is a planet located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, in Federation space, in the Kazar trinary star system. (ST reference: Star Charts)

History and specificsEdit

Kazar is the homeworld of the Kazarite race. (TOS movie: The Motion Picture production materials)

Starfleet serviceman Rakaar was born on Kazar. (TOS comic: "A Small Matter of Faith")

Federation President Nanietta Bacco visited Kazar with her Presidential Transport in the year 2381. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

The Jarol Desert on Kazar was the home of the Mestiko government-in-exile from the years 2274 to 2282. Following the return of the Zamestaad to Mestiko in 2282, the ousted mar-Atyya Synod was in turn sent into exile on Kazar. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBooks: Its Hour Come Round, The Blood-Dimmed Tide, The Darkness Drops Again)





In ST reference: Star Charts, this world's star was shown in the "United Federation of Planets III" chart in the Alpha Quadrant. Although shown to be a Federation system, it was not listed as a Federation world in the UFP planet roster.

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