Jal Culluh, First maje of the Kazon-Nistrim

The Kazon-Nistrim were one of the weaker sects of the Kazon Collective in the early 2370s, and were led by First Maje Jal Culluh. Although the Nistrim were a large and powerful sect under Culluh's grandfather, by the time Culluh had taken charge that power was largely gone. However, Culluh was keen on rebuilding his once proud sect.

The USS Voyager's first encounter with the Nistrim came in 2371, when Ensign Seska (an undercover Cardassian agent) attempted to trade replicator technology to the Nistrim in exchange for Voyager's safe passage through Kazon space. When her plan was revealed, Seska left Voyager to join Culluh as his consort. (VOY episode: "State of Flux")

By 2372, repeated Nistrim attacks against Voyager led Captain Kathryn Janeway to seek an alliance with them. However, negotiations soon failed when Culluh refused to be dictated to by a woman. (VOY episode: "Alliances")

At the end of the year, Culluh led a Nistrim fleet of three Predator-class warships against Voyager, and with the help of saboteurs managed to seize control of the starship, and marooned the crew on Hanon IV. However, this change in Nistrim fortunes was short-lived when Lieutenant Tom Paris led a Talaxian fleet against Voyager and successfully took back control. Unfortunately, Seska was killed in the battle, but Culluh managed to escape with the baby. (VOY episode: "Basics")

In the early 25th century, the First maje of the Nistrim was Sessen, he was the son of Obsidian Order agent Seska and First Maje Jal Culluh born in late 2372. (STO - The Delta Quadrant mission: "Alliances", VOY episode: "Maneuvers")

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