A member in the 2370s.

The Kazon-Oglamar were one of the weaker sects of the Kazon Collective in the early 2370s, and were led by First Maje Jal Valek.

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In 2372, the Oglamar were invited to join an alliance with the Kazon-Nistrim, Kazon-Hobii, and Kazon-Mostral, by Seska to join a united task force to attack the USS Voyager and take the advanced Starfleet technology. The plan failed when Culluh failed to demonstrate stolen transporter technology, and Captain Kathryn Janeway had all the Majes beamed to Voyager. (VOY episode: "Maneuvers")

The Oglamar then agreed to attend a peace conference on Sobras that had been arranged by Captain Janeway and Trabe Governor Mabus. However, the Trabe betrayed Janeway and the Kazon leaders, ending the peace conference. (VOY episode: "Alliances")

Following that the Oglamar then stole mining equipment from the Narrdi Collective and used the equipment to decimate the planet Praja. They then started to strip mine the planet. However, the Oglamar's operation ended when Voyager came across the planet and helped the planet recover from it. (VOY comic: "Homeostasis, The Conclusion")

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