Kedam was a male Antican Starfleet operations officer serving aboard the USS Atlas under Captain Morgan Bateson by 2381.

During the Borg Invasion of 2381, the Atlas led a fleet to protect the planet Vulcan; Kedam was tasked with relaying orders to the rest of the fleet, including telling the port flank to spread out when they got too close. After the initial volley of transphasic torpedoes against the Borg, Kedam reported the destruction of only two Borg cubes out of ten.

After realizing the torpedoes were ineffective, the USS Billings led the reserve wing on a collision course, an action that Kedam reported to Bateson. When this action was unable to stop the march, Kedam had to open a channel to the Vulcans and warn them the Borg would reach orbit in one minute.

The Borg's assault was momentarily halted by actions taken elsewhere by the USS Aventine and former Earth Starfleet Captain Erika Hernandez; while the cubes were stalled, the Atlas and its fleet pressed their advantage. While they locked on, Kedam reported orders from Starfleet Command - Admiral Edward Jellico ordered all Starfleet vessels to attack. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

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